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Suite 706


The project entailed the design an organization of a 1300 sf architecture / interior design office space within a renovated residential loft building which was making a transition to office occupancy.  The space already contained a kitchen / bathroom service core which had to remain.  Program requirements included a reception area, six work / drafting stations, a conference area and storage.


The concept was to respect the character of the loft spaces while creating an image befitting an architect’s own space.  The entry / reception area is treated as a display gallery, framed and defined by two juxtaposing cantilevered forms which pierce through the perimeter of the existing space and which are repeated in the conference room and in plan.  All new walls use color against a colorless, existing background and are only 72” high in order to create the illusion of a space within a space.  The higher limitation also allows the users to partake of the exciting city view from anywhere within the office.  The drafting area is treated as a series of low, intersecting planes helping to foster interest and continuity.  Lighting is integrated throughout the design as an obvious enforcer of form.


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