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1974      Reynolds Aluminum Ecole Pedagogique #3 Versailles, France  "Chambre No. 6"

1985      American Institute of Architects Interior Architecture Award Citation of Merit"NIU Art   Gallery"

1988      SAMMY AWARD "Bloomfield Club Sales Center"

          SAMMY AWARD "Bloomfield Club Signage"

1989      Award of Excellence Seaman - Patrick Paper Co. "Washington Terrace Brochure"

1990      Architecture in Perspective V International Competition "Villa Quadrata"

1991      Interiors Magazine Annual Interiors Award Best in Low Budget Category "Pinuccio Restaurant"

1992      American Institute of  Architects Interior Architecture Award Citation of Merit,"Belle Rose"

          Restaurant Design 3 100 Best Restaurant Designs "Pinuccio Restaurant"

1993      Architecture in Perspective 8 International Competition "Park Lincoln"

          Chicago Athenaeum, IBD New Chicago Interiors Awards "Pinuccio Restaurant"

1994      Chicago Athenaeum, IBD New Chicago Interiors Awards "Belle Rose"

1999      Architecture in Perspective 14 International Competition "Chicago Police Station"

2007      Architecture In Perspective 22 International Competition




2000      HGTV - New Spaces "Carlson Residence”


2001      HGTV – Inside / Outside "Coppola  Residence”






1983    Tops Competition New Chicago Architecture Art Institute of  Chicago

1984    150 Years of Chicago   Architecture

            Museum of Science & Industry, 1985    The Idea of BIG"

            College of Art & Architecture University of Illinois-Chicago

1985    Interior Architect Awards Chicago Chapter  AIA “NIU Chicago Art Gallery”

        Alumni Show “NIU  Chicago Art Gallery”

1986    Currents from Chicago: Archicenter Chicago

1987    UICC Alumni Exhibit AIA-UICC

1989    Divine Details Exhibit Van Stratten Gallery

1990    Chicago '91 ASAP Exhibit

1991    Architecture in Perspective  V “Villa Quadrata”

        Architecture in Perspective V ASAP Regional Exhibit Gwenda Jay Gallery

1993    AIA Awards '93 Chicago Historical Society “Belle Rose”

        ASAP Regional Exhibit

        New Chicago Interiors Awards “Pinuccio Restaurant “ Chicago Athenaeum, IBD

1994    Architecture in Perspective   8 “Park Lincoln”

1994    New Chicago Interiors Awards Chicago Athenaeum, IBD “Belle Rose”

        New Chicago Interiors Awards Chicago Athenaeum “Italian Consulate-Chicago”

        New Chicago Interiors Award Chicago Athenaeum “Osteria Pinuccio”

1996    Anything  & Architecture Gallery 400, UICC-Chicago “Beachcomber Club, Jamaica”

1996    1985-1995 Works  In  Progress Central Missouri  State U

1999    Architecture in Perspective 14 International Competition  "Chicago Police Station






1985    Plan & Print  (July) "Idea of Big" D. D. Douglas

        Focus (July) "Interior Architecture Awards

        Inland Architect  (August) “Interior Architecture Awards”

        Progressive Architecture(August) "Interior Architecture Awards"

1990    CCAIAX  - 1985 to 1990 "The Art of  Interior Architecture"

        Interiors Magazine - (June) "Chicago Design"

        Architecture in Perspective V

        Architecture Chicago -Volum 7 "Alternative Visions"

        Arch. Design Collaborators

1991    Arch. Design Collaborators

        Interiors Magazine ( January) "12th Annual Interior Awards"

        Architecture Chicago – Vol 9     

        Architecture in Perspective "5 Years of Award Winning Drawings" 1986 - 1991

1992    Architectural Renderings Quarto, London, England

        Arch. Design Collaborators

        Interiors Magazine - June "Chicago Design"

        Chicago Chapter AIA Trial by Jury

1993    Restaurant Design 3 ( March)

        PBC International, Inc. "Pinuccio"

        Northshore Collections

        Ottagono 107, Milan, Italy - "Lighthouse Resort, Negril, Jamaica"

1994    Bars Nightclubs & Taverns

        PBC International, Inc. "Pinuccio"

        On Architecture

        Pomegranate Publications "Villa Quadrata"

        Architecture in Perspective 8

        The Art of Architectural Illustration Rockport Publishers

1995    Shops & Boutiques PBC International, Inc. "Belle Rose"

        Materia- Quarto Srl., Modena, Italy

        Virginio Ferrari Istituto Italiano di Cultura-

        Architecture in Perspective 9

        KAPA 1995- Seoul, Korea

1996    Architecture in Perspective    10

        Ottagono 120, Milan, Italy Designing with Color

        New Interiors PBC International Inc

1997    Architecture in Perspective 11

        Firenze Oggi, Florence, Italy

1998    Architecture in Perspective 12

1999    Architecture in Perspective 14

2007    Architecture in Perspective 22

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