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Soccer Facility, Hinsdale 



Ideas are innovative, in our opinion, if they bring an advantage or improve a previous condition. Today the factory takes pride in  itself as being a highly innovative company. The confidence in believing in a project that improves the conception of urban furniture  comes from the design of cities themselves and their citizens. What sets the company apart  is the production of works that are at the same time safe and reliable, that are timeless in expression, that respect nature and contribute to improve the context in which they are placed in. What distinguishes the products is their originality. In a society that is always looking towards the future, tending to forget what was, it is better to establish some guidelines that never change. "Nothing is created and nothing is destroyed, but everything changes".  

The factory combines high industrialized quality with the care given by artisans that for more than 50 years has characterized the great results of its production.Its innovative urban furniture is designed to guarantee functionality, quality, a long service life, safety and harmony, with a maximum of respect for each environmental and architectural context. The main thrust of every project, is the search for innovation, not only as it concerns its design and function, but equally it is also the thought given to  the planning and manufacturing stages.   

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