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Lighthouse Resort, Negril, Jamaica 



The 16 acre parcel on the famed beach in Negril, includes a 200 year old government owned lighthouse which will become the centerpiece of the new resort and from which the project derives its name.  Designed with primitive luxury in mind, the project will include 80  two bedroom cottages and 30 three bedroom units as well as sporting facilities, restaurants and a commercial section.  A trellis covered semicircular walkway that will straddle the main road and negotiate the changes in topography and existing landscape and water features, will serve as a major organizing element for the entire complex providing accessibility to all areas within the gated compound.  A Boardwalk of the Palms will also cut through the site, beginning  at the east end with a waterfall feature and pass through the centrally located  reception pavilion terminating at a scenic lookout over the water.  Other walkways will extend into the water providing docking facilities for small crafts and a protected swimming area.  Construction costs are estimated to be approximately 15 million.

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