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 Bisazza Showroom 

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A 20' wide by 100' ground level space of a 100 year old manufacturing  district loft is divided into 4 rooms each with its own individual purpose and each illustrating this internationally present manufacturer of glass tiles's line of production.  The front area, adjacent to the street serves as the welcoming parlor and includes some of the company's new products in the furnishing sector while the second internal area acts ore as a living room and highlights the various tile options and designs.


The third area contains video screens to further illustrate the options and technical aspects of the product.  All spaces are treated in a neutral matte black finish to highlight the bright and shiny nature of the product itself.  All the doors are custom sized, painted with automotive paint and include a raised relief pattern reminiscient of some of the tile designs.   The back area contain work areas and also double up as serving and prep areas for when special events are held in the front areas.


The stair down to the basement display and storage areas contain a custom image mosaic that is visible from the entrance door and the street itself.

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