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 Suite 301 


A 65’ porticoed interior gallery, defined by two parallel wall planes, organizes a 3500s.f. loft space by acting as a buffer between the public zone, housing the receptionist, waiting and conference areas, and the private workstations and offices  of a multi-disciplined (architecture, interior design, graphic design and illustration ) design firm.


A modular drywall ceiling grid, reminiscent of the typical organizing elements used to design at any scale by all disciplines, helps to stabilize the wall planes, conceal lighting and render the otherwise tall space more intimate by lowering the ceiling plane while still allowing visual acknowledgement of the existing loft space.


Subdued colors and fabrics are intertwined with granites, lacquered woods, glass and metals to demonstrate the richness that can be achieved through creative selection.  Accent paint colors are applied only to one face of the built structures to further emphasize the layering effect. This is most evident at the gallery wall where the surface was plastered, gouged and painted to show wear, tear and depth, conjuring images of old European construction.  A similar approach, more contemporary and without the build up of texture, highlights the partition between the principal’s office and his meeting area.


Future expansion was accommodated with the addition of screened partitions affixed to the ceiling grid that will modulate the present gallery space into four semi-private offices for the managers of each adjoining department.



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